Verónica is a Spanish  English Literature student.She´s always known is that she wanted to go on Erasmus. And so she did. Why did you choose to go on Erasmus? I´ve always wanted to study abroad, to soak in another culture and step out of my comfort zone. I think, nowadaysRead More →

Long- Term European Volunteer Service on Erasmus+ Programme in Poland. Ready for 10-months long adventure in Wroclaw, Poland? Happy to work with small children and to learn new languages? Open to gain professional experience and to find new friends? DEADLINE 25TH JUNE DATES: September 2018 – June 2019 PLACE: Wroclaw,Read More →

Have you ever wondered about leaving everything behind and just hit the road? Do you dream with tropical beaches? With green humid jungles? With breathtaking mountains? Have you then come back to reality with a snap of the fingers? Probably yes: that snap back to reality is called money. WellRead More →

Tražimo 3 sudionika iz Hrvatske, za sudjelovanjem na Erasmus plus Training Course-u u Poljskoj. Nema limita za godine osim što osobe moraju biti  20 +. Za prijavu ispunite uspitnik Nakon odabira, kao finalnu potvrdu za sudjelovanjem trebati ćete uplatiti participation fee u roku od 24h te kupiti kartu (avion,Read More →