Seems like EVS is ending and it’s time to sum up what was happening during this 12 months! For that my coordinator asked me to choose 10-20 photos for this photo story, and for exhibition that we will make next week. I could hardly stop myself on 25 photos… BecauseRead More →

Hey everybody! I’m Dana and in series of articles I explore Dance life in Zagreb 🙂 In previous article I shared some links of videos for self-study of bachata and salsa. Besides regular classes and parties there are a lot of festivals that are held around Croatia and nearby countries.Read More →

Spanish organisation “Iniciativa internacional Joven” from Malaga is looking for FOUR EVS volunteers! Project will be held from September 2017 till June 2018. All volunteers will have different roles in organization but also some activities all together: – One volunteer will focus specifically on the media and communication of organization,Read More →

Hey everybody! I’m Dana and in series of articles I explore Dance life in Zagreb:) In previous article I wrote about bachata workshop that was held in Karlovac. Besides workshops, regular classes and parties it’s also nice to learn some new combinations and movements by yourself. Thanks to Internet andRead More →

Our today guest is Iva! She is just 25 but already last 3 years travels around USA and Europe and don’t plan to stop. In her blog Guide into the unknown shares her experience how to travel without spending a lot of money, staying in hotels and being a tourist.Read More →

In continuation of our travel stories we want to share with you interview with Alex and Sebastiaan, an American and Dutch travel couple. Alex is 25, and Sebastiaan is 28. You can learn more about them on their blog Lost With Purpose. Q: What inspired you to start travelling? BothRead More →

Sometimes it is difficult to trust unknown people and travel just “in the middle of nowhere”. You know nobody, nobody knows you. Do you need something more reliable where you will be definitely waiting for? Or just tired of usual travelling relaxing on the beach? Maybe Workaway is for you.Read More →

Today guest of our interview is Mary! She “likes being on time yet loved the adrenaline of running late and the scene of being lost”. And don’t forget to check her nice blog🙂 Q: When and why did you start travelling? Mary: I started in December 2015. After living andRead More →

We contunue to meet new travel bloggers! Today our guest is Julie Mae Bacus-Chave: she is 31, loves traveling and lead her blog InMyHeart. Q: When and why did you start travelling? Julie: I started travelling since 2008 when I left my home country Philippines to work abroad in AbuRead More →