Syncro-Synergy Croatia is urgently looking for 2 participants (people who are directly involved in EVS coordination, such as mentors, supervisors or Staff from EVS accredited organizations) for the project “Cooperation for better EVS” in Bursa, Turkey from 11 to 17 August 2018 organized by Turkey “Gönüllü Hareketi” Objectives of the Project:Read More →

Hey there! We have been showing you the ways to travel for free and now it’s time to introduce you the most popular accommodation finding programme Couchsurfing! “Couchsurfing International Inc. operates a hospitality service and social networking service. Its website and mobile apps are platforms for members to arrange homestays, offer lodging and hospitality, join events such as “Couch Crashes”, and,Read More →

Between the 7 to 13 of April, 2018 the “United for Integration” youth exchange  reached international students living in 4 countries – Poland, Turkey, Hungary and Croatia. For international students feeling like an outsider, overcoming language barriers, coping with cultural misunderstandings, culture shock, xenophobia are just some of the experiencesRead More →