First month of my EVS project passed fast. Even better to say too fast. ”Usual life” is much slower because of all routine, because of its commonness, familiarity. But now every day a lot of things happen with me. They make go out of “comfort zone” but it’s a wayRead More →

This is my first month in Zagreb during my EVS at the youth organization Urbana Mladez! It’s been an exciting month full of activities and new faces. Barely arrived in Zagreb me and the rest of the fresh volunteers participated in the “ON Arrival training” where we had the chanceRead More →

Hey everybody! I’m Dana, EVS volunteer in NGO Urbana Mladez. During EVS project all volunteers have an opportunity to think up own project and run it during whole period of EVS. Since childhood I was always interested in dancing and of course tried different types of it during my life:)Read More →

Hello everyone! From this moment “Urbana Mladez” starts new activity: every two weeks we gonna tell you about different opportunities related to volunteering, work, travelling and education. This is part of Erasmus project “Youth mobility Cro – EU” funded by European union. And first our theme is … hitchhiking! WhatRead More →