Thank you all for participation to our salsa class! We’ve finally finished one semester with a good progress! Our aim was to integrate local and erasmus people as well as giving dance education as a social activity so that they could affect each other with their own cultures and broadenRead More →

   Lately, people are getting increasingly lazy because of some reasons such as unnecessary products/ tools that eases the daily work and also the cyber world which causes people sit on their laptop for hours and avoid real life outside. Additionally, most of the people overestimate doing exercise and thereforeRead More →

Hi there! I am one of the current EVS’ers of Urbana Mladez from Turkey. The strangest thing for me was to learn how people are interested in Turkish language (because of Turkish soap operas for sure 🙂 ) (and yeah I am a fan of Burak Özçivit as well lol)Read More →

Kreativa, kreativa, kreativa! Kako nam je bilo na radionicama “O kreativnosti, 4 P teorija Product/ Person/ Place/ Process” možete provjeriti na fotkama ispod.  Mladi su putem raznig alata i metoda naučili procijeniti svoju kreativnost. poboljšati obzervaciju pri raznim procesima i naučili kako sebe potaknuti da pokrenu proces misli u bilo kojojRead More →