“YOU MUST” project in Macedonia has been completed!

“YOU MUST” project in Macedonia has been completed!

Our members again participated in Macedonian project “YOU MUST” that was funded by European Union!

This timeTraining course was implemented during 6 days in Struga on the shore of Lake Ohrid. During mobility participants discussed why and how youth as members of a civil society, creating effective marketing policies and campaigns can be key players in the implementation of sustainable economic and democratic development. With help of experienced trainers they explored such topics as social business and entrepreneurship, social media as a marketing tool, usage of ICT in education, etc. Besides, participants developed their own business plans for social businesses, recorded movies and songs!

During two parts of that project, there were created 13 short movies, dedicated on different Sustainable Development Goals. Check them on official project page! Inspirational song (which was recorded by President of our organisation by the way:) ) you can listen here.

All materials from trainers of that Training course are free, so everybody can learn it. They are published on official webpage of the project.

Urbana mladez hopes that our other volunteers and members will be able to participate in future project in Macedonia!:)

And a few photos from mobility in the end: