Auroville – The City of Dawn

Hey! I am Levi and I am a volunteer from Romania at Urbana Mladez. I am here to work on a project named “Youth mobility – Cro – EU”, where we have the aim of helping you to find out more and more about opportunities regarding traveling at low cost and volunteering.

In this article I will write you about the self sustainable community Auroville which offers opportunities to learn, volunteer and discover a new lifestyle in the exotic land of India. Auroville is a universal township in the making for a population of up to 50,000 with people from around the world.

The concept of Auroville is an ideal township devoted to an experiment in human unity. Auroville is recognised as the first and only internationally endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness, also concerned with, and practically researching into sustainable living and the future cultural, environmental, social and spiritual needs of human society.

Auroville was founded on 28th February 1968. 5,000 people form 124 nations, including all the States of India had an inauguration ceremony at the center of the future township. Auroville is located in south India, close to the city of Puducherry.

The self sustaining city is formed by different area what serve different needs of the community. The Peace Area is at the center of the township. It lies the Peace Area, comprising the Matrimandir and its gardens, an amphitheatre with the Urn of Human Unity that contains the soil of 121 nations and 23 Indian states. It also has a project of a lake to help create an atmosphere of calm and serenity and to serve as a groundwater recharge area. Auroville has also an Industrial Zone which is a 109-hectare area to the north of the Peace Area. The Industrial Zone is a zone for “green” industries, is focused on Auroville’s efforts towards a self-supporting township. It contains small and medium-scale industries, training centres, arts and crafts, and the city’s administration. The Residential Zone is the largest of the four city zones, comprising of 189 hectares, the Residential Zone is bordered by parks on the north, south and west. This zone wants to provide a well-adjusted habitat between individual and collective living. 55% of the area is green and only 45% built surface, thereby creating an urban density balanced by nature. The International Zone, hosts national and cultural pavilions, grouped by continents. Its central focus is to create a living demonstration of human unity in diversity through the expression of the genius and contribution of each nation to humanity. Planned on a 93-hectare area, situated to the east of the Peace Area, the Cultural Zone is a site for applied research in education and artistic expression. Facilities for cultural, educational, art and sports activities are located in this zone.

For those who want to get involved in the development of the community Auroville gives you some opportunities to get to know them and join them. You can visit and stay, accommodation in Auroville can be broadly divided into 4 categories depending on your space and budget needs: basic accommodation with thatched roof and shared bathroom, mostly suitable for student volunteers. Standard, simple rooms in brick with concrete or tiled roof and shared bathroom. Good comfortable rooms with attached bathroom. Self-contained cottage or studio with attached bathroom and kitchen, often with a veranda, balcony or garden.

In case you want to volunteer or be an intern and you are not from India long term commitments, from 6 to 12 months, are possible. Auroville offers study possibilities also. A 14 week adventure of self-discovery workshops throughout “The Swadharma” program. The program offers young seekers, aged between 18 and 28 years the opportunity to embark on a transformative learning adventure with the goal of self-discovery. If you want to live and work in Auroville you also have some interesting opportunities. Foreign Nationals are welcome to teach classes or workshops in Auroville, but only on an Auroville recommended entry visa or business visa, and only through a registered Auroville unit, which may include remuneration through the Auroville unit concerned. But be aware of the fact that tourist visa holders are not allowed to teach classes, courses, workshops, etc. nor offer therapies, consultations even if no remuneration is involved.

In case you are interested you can contact Auroville International Offices based all around the world. In Central Europe Auroville has two offices: in Germany (email:, and Hungary (email:, so in case you are interested feel free to contact them with your questions.

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