Dance life in Zagreb – part III

Dance life in Zagreb – part III

Hey everybody! I’m Dana and in series of articles I explore Dance life in Zagreb 🙂

I already wrote before about what social dances are and made list of parties that are held in city constantly. After visiting some of these parties (where of course I tried a bit to dance them:) ) I became even more excited about social dances! So I decided to learn how to dance them.
I couldn’t make a choice which style to try so decided to train both bachata and salsa:) In Zagreb a lot of dance schools now suggest trainings with these styles so I needed to make an uneasy choice between them. Here are list of schools I could find:

Styles: salsa
Address: Ulica grada Vukovara 271
Price: 280 kn (for a month, twice a week, 1h)

Salsa de Fuego
Styles: salsa, bachata
Address: Strossmayerovo šetalište BB (Katarinin trg 5)
Price: 180 kn for salsa and 200 kn for bachata (for a month, twice a week,1h15min)

Los mamberos
Styles: salsa casino, bachata
Address: Zlatarova Zlata 43
Price: 250 kn (for a month, twice a week, 1,5h (both salsa and bachata), 200 kn (for a month, once a week, 1,5h), salsa cubana or bachata)

Styles: salsa, bachata
Address: Koprivnicka 70
Price: 150 kn (for a month, twice a week, 1,5h)

Plesni centar Zagreb by Nicolas
Styles: salsa
Address: Ozaljska 93
Price: 350 kn (for a month, twice a week, 1,5h; or 300 kn for a month, twice aweek, 1h)

Of course, there are much more schools but here are ones I could understand language and schedule:) Hope this list will help people who are now looking for dance schools for starting their trainings!
I chose Fever for salsa and Salsa de Fuego for bachata. And you?:)

Stay tuned and will see you on parties!

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