Dance life in Zagreb – part V

Hey everybody! I’m Dana and in series of articles I explore Dance life in Zagreb:)

In previous article I wrote about bachata workshop that was held in Karlovac. Besides workshops, regular classes and parties it’s also nice to learn some new combinations and movements by yourself. Thanks to Internet and YouTube especially we have a lot of opportunities for that now:) So in this article I would like to share some links of videos and channels which are useful for self-study of salsa and bachata. Here they are:

Basic steps, moves and turns, all in one video
Series of combinations for improvers
How dancers can link basic movements to cool combinations
Final of social dance championship. Some movements are awesome, try to catch them!

Channel with two playlists for salsa and bachata moves
Series of short videos with steps for beginners (there are 4 different pairs with different combinations, check them all)
Nice combination with beginner-improver steps
Videos with professional dancers, a lot of things to learn 🙂

Good luck with learning and stay tuned!

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