Dance life in Zagreb – part I

Hey everybody! I’m Dana, EVS volunteer in NGO Urbana Mladez. During EVS project all volunteers have an opportunity to think up own project and run it during whole period of EVS.

Since childhood I was always interested in dancing and of course tried different types of it during my life:)  There were dance performances at school with my schoolmates, choreographic classes with rhythmic and variety dances in dance school, numerous flashmobs and finally juzz funk classes already in university time. But when I arrived in Croatia I discovered that juzz funk is not popular here at all… So I decided it’s time to try something new!

My coordinator introduced me with popular stream in Zagreb – social dances. I was amazed with this type of dancing and decided that it’s a good topic for my personal project – “Dance life in Zagreb”!

So in my articles I will discover such topics like most popular parties in Zagreb, dance schools to learn social dances, workshops, festivals and other things that can be interesting for people who are passionate about dancing as me:)

Stay tuned!

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