EVS photo story III

Seems like EVS is ending and it’s time to sum up what was happening during this 12 months! For that my coordinator asked me to choose 10-20 photos for this photo story, and for exhibition that we will make next week. I could hardly stop myself on 25 photos… Because for sure this year was full of impressions, events, travels, new people and new beginnings.

While preparing to interview for EVS in March of 2016 I even made some list of things I wanna get from project. It’s time to check it!

  • To go out from comfort zone, learn to do something new, be more aware of personal skills and qualities, “wake up” brains – fully completed! I learnt much more than expected about project management (writing and implementing), I can understand Croatian now and started to dance bachata and salsa! I made sure that I’m super structured, logical and detailed person but sometimes too critical to things around:) Of course, there are much more things, but these are favorite ones.
  • Make friends from all over the world – even no comments 🙂
  • “Find myself” in life. Did I find? No. Do I worry about it so much now? No. Life is going, everything will come. Polako 😉
  • Have super mega cool and unforgettable stories and impressions for whole life – done without doubts! I already feel how my friends will soon be tired of my phrases started from “In Croatia….” 🙂

So let’s see how it was:

It’s my lovely team – another volunteer Levi from Romania and our coordinator Roberto.

And that is how Roberto survives after bachata parties 😀



During EVS we supported organisation in implementing Erasmus+ programs: Youth exchange and Training course. I know, sometimes photos from projects look strange 🙂

Obviously, exploring country while travelling is one of “must do” things. It was plenty of time to explore Zagreb…


…Croatia in general…

…and several countries around: Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Italy and Austria!


Of course it was a lot about meeting new people, especially other EVS volunteers 🙂


And defenitely cool opportunity to start learning/doing something new, and it’s not important does it sup serfing, hitchhiking or dancing salsa and bachata!:)

Wish you to get an opportunity of participating in EVS program too and have unforgettable memories from there;)

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