EVS photo story IV

EVS photo story IV

Slowly my EVS experience is coming to an end, it’s hard to show or describe how it was and how many things happen so I decided to present you what it was like in 3 short chapters. In this 3 chapters I will try to present you how it was and what I experienced.


Chapter One: 4 seasons

Discover the city in all its 4 seasons.



Although autumn is not my favorite season (maybe because of childhood memories of school starting) this time autumn was a new beginning for me: Start of EVS and Zagreb can have some pretty nice landscapes during this season.


It’s fun to see how in Zagreb winter is considered a small scale necessary tragedy, although I let you now a little secret; it’s not even a real winter. But I am not complaining about not having two weeks of -25.


Spring half way of my EVS experience, it meant stability and the start of acknowledging new competences gained during the first 6 months, like a bloom period.



Summer is the season what made Croatia famous, well now I know why (and I’m not talking only about the seaside).


Chapter 2: Essential for survival

In case you wonder what it takes to get through an EVS project here are some tips:

Coffee – strongly recommended to be Turkish and if that means to go in Sarajevo for a cup you have buses every day from Zagreb.


 Sweets – Especially the delicacy’s you can find at fairs held in Zrinjevac Park.


Friends whit their head on their shoulders


Ambition – People from Split know how to highlight this


Chapter 3: Things I did after assuring I have all the things mentioned in Chapter 1 and 2


Worked in a nice and safe environment with Roberto and Dana


Participated in implementing Erasmus + projects


Travel around in Italy, Bosnia and Croatia



 – Croatia


– Bosnia and Hertzegovina

Some more Croatia…

– Saw the world’s most beautiful sunset in Zadar according to Alfred Hitchcock


And I also made a cookbook with the help of other EVS volunteers!


That is how my EVS looked like…  An experience to remember!