EVS photo story IV

Slowly my EVS experience is coming to an end, it’s hard to show or describe how it was and how many things happen so I decided to present you what it was like in 3 short chapters. In this 3 chapters I will try to present you how it was and what I experienced.


Chapter One: 4 seasons

Discover the city in all its 4 seasons.



Although autumn is not my favorite season (maybe because of childhood memories of school starting) this time autumn was a new beginning for me: Start of EVS and Zagreb can have some pretty nice landscapes during this season.


It’s fun to see how in Zagreb winter is considered a small scale necessary tragedy, although I let you now a little secret; it’s not even a real winter. But I am not complaining about not having two weeks of -25.


Spring half way of my EVS experience, it meant stability and the start of acknowledging new competences gained during the first 6 months, like a bloom period.



Summer is the season what made Croatia famous, well now I know why (and I’m not talking only about the seaside).


Chapter 2: Essential for survival

In case you wonder what it takes to get through an EVS project here are some tips:

Coffee – strongly recommended to be Turkish and if that means to go in Sarajevo for a cup you have buses every day from Zagreb.


 Sweets – Especially the delicacy’s you can find at fairs held in Zrinjevac Park.


Friends whit their head on their shoulders


Ambition – People from Split know how to highlight this


Chapter 3: Things I did after assuring I have all the things mentioned in Chapter 1 and 2


Worked in a nice and safe environment with Roberto and Dana


Participated in implementing Erasmus + projects


Travel around in Italy, Bosnia and Croatia



 – Croatia


– Bosnia and Hertzegovina

Some more Croatia…

– Saw the world’s most beautiful sunset in Zadar according to Alfred Hitchcock


And I also made a cookbook with the help of other EVS volunteers!


That is how my EVS looked like…  An experience to remember!