EVS Photo Story

This is my first month in Zagreb during my EVS at the youth organization Urbana Mladez! It’s been an exciting month full of activities and new faces.

Barely arrived in Zagreb me and the rest of the fresh volunteers participated in the “ON Arrival training” where we had the chance to prepare for what will come and meet each other, we still keep contact, friends help you a lot in new environments. Zagreb is a great city, full of life different cultures and a lot of fun. People are nice ready to help if you are lost (but I don’t get lost frequently, just when I leave my apartment), most of people know English and are friendly with tourists.

After a week we had EVS 20th birthday party, and the first opportunity to help representing our organization at an NGO fair. It was a blast! By the end of the month we were standing on our had and crawling on the floor, literally, it was the best dance project I have ever supported and participated in! We had the chance to meet and work with people from 10 different countries and to learn some traditional Greek and Polish dances.

After finishing our dance project (“Dance tools for inclusion”) we had our first public event connected to the EVS project. At first I was a little bit skeptical about the fact that anybody will come, but for my surprise we had a nice audience formed out of 35 youngsters who showed a real interest in what we do. It was a nice feeling o see appreciation from their side. I am sure that for our next event we will have an even bigger success!