Green beans with fusilli pastas

Hey! I am Levi and I am a volunteer from Romania at Urbana Mladez. I am here to work on a project named “Youth mobility – Cro – EU”, where we have the aim of helping you to find out more and more about opportunities regarding traveling at low cost and volunteering but also to present you different cultures by showing you stories, pictures, and why not food recipes. In this article I will present you a fast and easy Mediterranean dish.

Green beans with fusilli pastas is the type of food that takes you to the world of Mediterranean tastes. This recipe has the charming taste of fresh green beans, tomatoes and olive oil combined in a light but nutritious meal ready in just 40 minutes. It is one of my favourite dishes for two reasons: it’s fast and easy so you don’t have to be a cook to be able to prepare it. Mediterranean cuisine is characterized by its simplicity, with many dishes having only four to eight ingredients. It also rely chiefly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation.

Green beans with fusilli pastas


– 400 g. green beans
– 300 g. pasta fusilli
– 1 onion
– 1 garlic
– 100 ml tomato sos
– 3 spoons of olive oil
– salt
– pepper

You wash and clean the green beans. It is not necessary to break them.

You put a pot with water to boil and when the water is boiling you add the green beans. The beans is left to boil until it’s halfway done and then you add the pasta. You wait until the pasta is boiled “al dente”. When the pasta and green beans is done you pour down the water.

In a pan you put a little olive oil, when it is hot you add the cut garlic and onion. When the onion and garlic is tempered you add the tomato sauce. You boil for 5 minutes and add some water, salt and pepper. You boil until the sauce hardens. Then you add the pasta and green beans and you mix them.

Enjoy your meal!


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