So long and good-bye Zagreb!

And the day has come, my time as and EVS volunteer is Zagreb. And what a rollercoaster of emotions that it has been.

It seems that these 12 months have passed on me at the speed of light; impossible to believe that is time to go now.

In these past months I have met a different person almost every month; I have made new friends that will always be with me in my memories but I know others will be part of my life for now on. With them I have laughed till it hurted, I´ve got fun with them way to many times; they have taught me princeless lessons; they have made me grow as a person and to realize other aspects of my personality. With them I have partied till dawn, but I have also had meaningful conversations. Together we have travelled and discovered new places, cultures and flavours. I have made friends here that left me heartbroken when the time for them to leave came; I have met people here that make me regret that I have to leave for I still haven´t  had time to share enough with them. And the saddest of it, I have met people that I know I will never see again, but have been part of my life for a whole year.

Leaving your house, your country, your life behind and starting form scratch on a different country and society allows you to step out of your confort zone; you have to make friends again as you are in that exact moment, you also have the opportunity to choose what behaviours you want to ditch, who do you want to be, because you have the chance of starting from zero. A year away from everything that you know and love teaches you more about yourself that all the years you have already lived combined.

Now it is time to go back to my life, it seems that it has been paused, I know that when I come back everything will seem the same (it might be exactly the same; it may have changed) but I know for sure I am not the same, and I am excited about it. I am excited because I get to come back to my loved ones and to the city that has a heart with a set of brand new eyes that will allow me to the discover the magic of it all over again, and furthermore, it will remind me not to take any of it for granted ever again.

Thus, so long Zagreb! It was a pleasure! I promise to visit but is time for me to go back to my life. Here are some photos of my EVS here.