Self sustainable communities The Healing Biotope – Tamera

Hey! I am Levi and I am a volunteer from Romania at Urbana Mladez. I am here to work on a project named “Youth mobility – Cro – EU”, where we have the aim of helping you to find out more and more about opportunities regarding traveling at low cost and volunteering. In this article I will write you about the self sustainable community Tamera. If you want to learn, volunteer or discover a new lifestyle or just to visit Portugal Tamera may help you.

Self sustainable communities are (usually) international communities whose goal is to become socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. Most of them range from a population of 50 to 150 individuals, although smaller, and larger communities of up to 2,000 individuals, exist. Certain communities have grown by the addition of individuals, families, or other small groups.

These communities are built with the help of volunteers and offer a chance of retreat and time for self reflection for those who would like to get involved. Living in a community like this offers an experience what can change your life. Members of self sustainable communities are counting on each other in a much more direct way than in our society. Mutual trust and hard work are part of living in a community modeled by new ideas.

There are numerous self sustainable projects across the planet but for this article I choose to introduce you to the Tamera project and to try to wake up your interest in this topic.

Tamera is based in Alentejo region, Portugal. The project was founded in Germany in 1978 but in 1995 it was moved to Portugal. Today 170 people live permanently and work on a property of 330 acres. But the number of inhabitants is approximately 250. Currently, around 250 coworkers and students, including children, live and study in Tamera which operates as an experimental research center dedicated to discovering how human beings can live peacefully among themselves and with nature, and create a successful, working, and sustainable community. Tamera is also a “free lab” and an international meeting place where peace workers and specialists in various fields from many parts of the world share their expertise. In 2008 participants from more than twenty-five different countries lived, studied, worked, or visited there.

Tamera is a peace research project with the goal to create the model for a future society. They promote ecological and economic sustainability through regional self-sufficiency in water, food and energy, social sustainability through community-building based on truth, mutual support, responsible participation, and spiritual sustainability.

Part of their lifestyle is living in balance with nature and the seasons by satisfying all the needs of a modern society. The need of education, culture, technical development and human rights are satisfied. In order to achieve this they developed 12 centers or as they call them “project groups”. This project groups are research centers aimed to help developing a new peaceful and prosper society, for example: Political Ashram, Art, Peace Education, Autonomy – Technology, or Terra Nova School.

In many intensive courses and community encounters throughout the history of the Tamera project, art was discovered to be a creative principle of Creation and became an essential element for the inner development of community. In addition to painting, “art” in Tamera includes music, theater, dance, landscape art, and artistic expression in language.

Tamera’s Technology Team supports collaboration, in professional, technical, skilled labour, and research areas. They are constructing a circle of researchers and craftspeople who work and research a future energy system.

The Solar Power Village project is conducted by physicist and inventor Jürgen Kleinwächter who is researching and testing the Solar Technology for 30 years. Jürgen Kleinwächter’s inventions are tested and integrated into daily life, along with complementary elements like Scheffler mirrors and biogas digesters.

Tamera is open for visitors and those who want to contribute to the development. In order to reach this Tamera has a guest center which is a meeting place, home and study space for a growing international community of people. Tamera organises workshops and youth camps for “outsiders” with the topics of freedom, green technology or peace. For those who want Tamera youth center has scholarships which may pay for accommodation, travel or food of the one applying.

Tamera is working to take all areas of life back to our own responsibility. This also concerns the material supply of food, energy and water. Learning from the cooperation with nature what it means to live again in wealth and real abundance and receive nature’s gifts with gratitude.

In case you are in Portugal and you want to experiment something new or you are interested in new experimental societies Tamera is the place for you. For additional information you can check out their web site and contact them with your plans and questions.   

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