Travel story – Alex & Sebastiaan

In continuation of our travel stories we want to share with you interview with Alex and Sebastiaan, an American and Dutch travel couple. Alex is 25, and Sebastiaan is 28. You can learn more about them on their blog Lost With Purpose.

Q: What inspired you to start travelling?

Both of us have been traveling from a young age. Alex’s father used to be a professor, and he would sometimes take the family along whenever he went abroad for conferences. Sebastiaan and his family moved from the Netherlands to the Caribbean for several years when he was younger. You could say that traveling is ingrained in our way of life!

We’re also just curious. We want to see the world — it’s so big and has so much to offer, it would be a shame if we didn’t see any of it.

Q: Tell us your story.

We met while studying abroad for university in Bangkok, Thailand. In movie-like fashion, we fell in love, and decided to travel through Southeast Asia together. Once that was done, we had a long-distance relationship for a year before Alex moved to the Netherlands so we could be together. Three years down the road, our travel itch was too strong, so we sold everything we owned, left our jobs and apartment, and hit the road to go backpacking through Asia!

We’ve been on the road for about a year now, and have been blogging about our travels the whole way. Our savings will run out in September, but we hope the money we make from running our travel blog will eventually be enough to extend our travels even longer.

Q: What do you love the most about travelling?

Meeting new people. People the world over are just so incredibly interesting, and are capable of amazing things. From hitchhiking with random Georgian men (and getting incredibly drunk in the process), to running into Iranians who redefined hospitality, to chilling with Pakistani shamans in the Karakoram mountains, we’ve met so many cool people. Being able to meet these people, getting a glimpse of their lives, and creating connections, no matter how brief that connection might be… that’s what we love the most about travel.

Q: When is the right time to travel the world?

Please… there is no “right” time!

If you wait for the “right” time to come, you’ll never do it. There will always be an excuse not to do it; I have to climb the corporate ladder, I’ll do it when I’m older, I need more money, the list goes on. In the end, these excuses will always stand in the way, and you’ll never get around to traveling.

If you want to travel, you should do it. Preferably ASAP!

Q: What is the most interesting way you have earned money abroad?

Running our blog, of course! It basically makes us money through new ways of advertising — affiliate sales, sponsored post content from companies, photo sales, etc.

Though the money is cool, the best part about it is how the blog helps us meet people all over the world. People usually find us through the blog or the blog’s Instagram, then send us a message asking to meet up. We get to make new friends, meet fans, and see places from a local’s perspective all in one go. Winning all around!

Q: Three things you can’t travel without.

A comb, because our hair is a mess and we’re not into dreads.

A Kindle or book, because even when traveling it can be nice to shut your surroundings out and go on a different kind of adventure for a while.

A camera. Photos are the best souvenirs… and the easiest to carry!

Q: Which destinations are at the top of your bucket list?

Our bucket list is practically endless, and constantly growing. The more we travel, the more we learn of awesome places we’d like to travel to.

We’re focusing on the place we’re in right now: India. There’s so much to do, and so much to see! We’ll be here for a year in total, but we don’t think we’ll have enough time to see even half of the country.

As to our bucket list with future destinations, we really want to visit Indonesia’s more remote islands, and travel around the Philippines. We’re also considering going on a pilgrimage in Iraq. Here’s to hoping we can make those dreams a reality, too.

Q: Most practical piece of advice for those planning travel.

Don’t over plan. Of course, you need to plan some practical things, like which countries you want to go to, what to take, flight tickets, etc. But some people plan too much, and forget to be spontaneous when traveling. Some of the best travel moments happen when you don’t plan anything; just go somewhere, walk around, and something interesting will happen! That’s one of the great joys of traveling.

Q: Why should people travel?

Because the world is huge and full of wonders, duh! Every day can be a new discovery of something interesting, something quirky, something repugnant. Travel will show you how beautiful this world is, and how awesome people are. It’s a lesson you won’t soon forget.

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