Travel story – Iva

Our today guest is Iva! She is just 25 but already last 3 years travels around USA and Europe and don’t plan to stop. In her blog Guide into the unknown shares her experience how to travel without spending a lot of money, staying in hotels and being a tourist.

Q: What inspired you to start travelling?

Iva: I think I am not inspired to travel, but I travel to be inspired. It’s hard to say why I started, I think I just liked the idea to see the world, but once I started I become “addicted” and I enjoy it so much that I don’t want to stop.

Q: Tell us your story.

Iva: I started to travel by doing work camps every summer during my university, also going to visit friends in other countries or just going somewhere for few days, and when I finished the university I went first time for a long and far away journey and never stopped since then. It’s three years now and I lived in three different states in United states, five countries in Europe, and visited more. I love this kind of life and I’m not planning to change it soon.


Q: What do you love the most about travelling?

Iva: What I love the most is freedom, independence and dynamic. What is good if you travel is that you will never get into the boring routine, almost every day you will do or see something new, meet someone, learn something. I am a slow traveler, I like to stay longer at one place, to become integrated and get to know it well.

Q: When is the right time to travel the world?

Iva: Any time is right, it just depend how you feel. Ok, you have to be 18 for legal issues and after that it’s on you. Some people travel while they are young, but some realize it later and I think that’s good too, I meet some travelers on my way that are older and I don’t see what is the difference. There is prejudice that traveling the world is for young souls but I think its nonsense because we are all different.

Q: What is the most interesting way you have earned money abroad?

Iva: If I have to choose one like the most unusual it’s selling the bracelets with “super powers” to tourists in Las Vegas. The bracelets had magic stones that should help them with hangover, jet leg and make them stronger. Sounds weird but it worked good.

Q: Three things you can’t travel without?

Iva: I think traveling should not be about things, and more or less we can manage without everything, so I will say that good traveler needs a passport, an open mind and a passion for knowledge.

Q: Which destinations are at the top of your bucket list?

Iva: I have Idea that I want to live on every continent for some time, excluding Antarctica. Since I only did Europe and North America there is a long journey in front of me.

Q: Most practical piece of advice for those planning travel.

Iva: Don’t be a tourist! Traveling is not staying in hotel and hanging out with your friends.Travel alone, meet locals, go volunteer, use the opportunities that we have today (internet) to find projects, exchange your skills for food and accommodation, just become a part of the place where you travel.

Q: Why should people travel?

Iva: I think that traveling makes us better person. We become more open minded, aware of the world, we change material things for experience. Too many people today are ignorant and closed in their small world, but when we travel and see with our own eyes we learn to respect and appreciate this world and people.

For more stories and tips & tricks check Iva’s blog and Instagram!


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