“Travel story” – Julie

We contunue to meet new travel bloggers! Today our guest is Julie Mae Bacus-Chave: she is 31, loves traveling and lead her blog InMyHeart.

Q: When and why did you start travelling?

Julie: I started travelling since 2008 when I left my home country Philippines to work abroad in Abu Dhabi UAE. When I got married in 2014, my husband and I agreed that whenever we get a chance, at least once a year we’d go on a trip and visit different places.

Q: What are the most unforgettable events/moments happened with you?

Julie:Parasailing & Cliff jumping in Boracay Philippines), tea plantation experience in Sri Lanka.

Q:How do you afford to travel – are you rich?!

Julie: Savings, or the yearly bonus that we get. Actually we save money and we have a ”travel savings box”.

Q: One thing which you don’t like about travelling.

Julie: Visa processing and preparing the docs… but that’s minor. Also, the“after travel” feeling – when you tend to wish you have longer days to stay in the place you recently visited. Q: What is the main learning(s) you got during travelling?

Julie: That the world is wide, that there are places left to visit. That being open to other culture is a great experience.

Q: What places do you still dream to visit?

Julie:London, Italy, South Korea are some of them.

Q: Are there any three things you can’t travel without?

Julie: Camera!, travel diary and tissue.

Q: Can you give some useful advice, tips & tricks for future travelers?

Julie: Just to make sure that you do research and more readings about the place you’re about to visit. Get familiar with their currency as well.

Q: Any other thoughts, ideas, dreams, etc.?

Julie: My husband and I dream of being a TV hosts of a travel show. This article is part of “Youth mobility – Cro – EU” project which is funded by the European Union. Objective of our project is to inform Croatian youth and involve them in various educational, work related, volunteering and traveling opportunities. If you want to be updated on various opportunities “Youth mobility – Cro – EU”, please, subscribe to our mailing list by sending us email on urbanamladez@gmail.com with title “Subscribe” and put in your name and surname and year of birth.