Travel story – Mary

Travel story – Mary

Today guest of our interview is Mary! She “likes being on time yet loved the adrenaline of running late and the scene of being lost”. And don’t forget to check her nice blog🙂

Q: When and why did you start travelling?

Mary: I started in December 2015. After living and working in Denmark for two years, I didn’t know what I want to do nor where I want to go. Danish travels a lot especially the young adults, a Danish friend of mine told to perhaps I should go travel first to see what I actually want to do with my life.

Q: What are the most unforgettable places you visited?

Mary: All of them are unforgettable, but I think Ishould choose just one here. Then it will be Myanmar, I’ve never seen or beenin any place like Myanmar. The locals are beautiful so is their culture andplace.

Q: What is the main learning(s) you got duringtravelling?

Mary: I’ve learned a lot of things, both for myselfand the world we live in. I never thought that I could do things that I’ve donethrough my travels. Welcome a stranger in my life, learn to trust someone who Imet on an island, go beyond my imagine, go beyond my comfort zone. I learned topush my own limitations, I’ve learned to love myself and appreciate how Ithink, how I deal with every success and failure that came my way.

When I was a kid, I used to think what a crazyworld we live in. Because that’s what I see on the telly, hear on the radio,even hear from my teachers at school. The truth is, we have a great world, wehave crazy people. The world is a safe place but not the people, I’ve seen itbefore my own eyes, experienced it by myself. But this doesn’t mean thathumanity is dead. Wherever you go, there are good and bad people. Sometimes,you don’t even have to look hard for the good ones, you just have to open yourmind and start appreciating small things. Good people are everywhere.

Q: How do you afford to travel – are you rich?!

Mary: I’m far from rich! When I set off on my firsttrip, I barely had 2.000 USD. I managed to last for six months with that moneywith the help of my freelance work on a blog. Throughout my journey, I’ve metamazing people who let me in their home, some people gave me jobs. I’ve doneodd jobs, I’ve hitchhiked, couchsurfed, taught English, volunteered, and manyother things to keep my journey going.

Q: What places do you still dream to visit?

Mary: Everywhere! Haha! Even though I dream to visitall countries and continents, but these are the top places I want to explore –Mongolia, Russia, Cuba, Kenya, and the Stans.

Q: Can you give some useful advices, tips & tricksfor future travelers?

Mary: Open your mind, that’s the most important thingyou could pack before you set off on your first trip and the next and the next.Stop saying exotic. There are no exotic places, those places are just normalplace, normal people, you are just not used to them.


Q: Any otherthoughts, ideas, dreams, etc.

Mary: My greatest dream is to get to the point to beinfluential, not only to make my readers and followers buy the brand I’mendorsing. I want to influence my readers and followers to do good to theworld, to be more appreciative, to give out a helping hand and to spread theawareness of unfortunate citizens of the world. How we, our two pairs of handsand a giving heart could change a life of a person who is  in despair and is going through a hard time inlife.

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