Vegetarian potato patties

Vegetarian potato patties

Hey! I am Levi and I am a volunteer from Romania at Urbana Mladez. I am here to work on a project named “Youth mobility – Cro – EU”, where we have the aim of helping you to find out more and more about opportunities regarding traveling at low cost and volunteering but also to present you different cultures by showing you stories, pictures, and why not food recipes.

For today I selected a vegetarian recipe as you may know this Wednesday the Lent is starting. Although I don’t have a lot of friend who respect this tradition I know people who like to honor the first day of the Lent by not eating meat. In the Christian world Easter is considered one of the biggest events and the 6 weeks period before it is called the Lent. Now days the Lent is not kept with the severity with which it was held now 50 or a 100 years ago, but symbolically the first day gets great respect in most counties from Eastern Europe and Balkans. On this days most of people from this regions are fasting by not eating meat, that is why I choose to present you a vegetarian recipe which is easy, fast and with few ingredients.  

Vegetarian potato patties

This recipe can serves as a main dish, side dish or just as a snack during the day. It is an easy recipe for what you don’t need a lot of knowledge in cooking or experience. It is also a handy recipe as the it uses ingredients what can be found in every kitchen.


– 500 g potatoes
– 2 eggs
– 1 slice of bread
– Salt
– Pepper
– Oil
– Garlic
– Green parsley


You clean and grind the potatoes and mix them with the eggs. You take the slice of bread, dip it in water, smash it and add it to the potatoes and egg mixture. Add some salt and pepper to the mixture. You can also add smashed garlic and green fine cut parsley but this is not a must.

With your hand make small balls from the mixture, flatten them a little bit. Meanwhile put oil in a pan and heat it up, when the oil is hot put the patties to fry.

Enjoy your meal!


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