Want to WorkAway?

Sometimes it is difficult to trust unknown people and travel just “in the middle of nowhere”. You know nobody, nobody knows you. Do you need something more reliable where you will be definitely waiting for? Or just tired of usual travelling relaxing on the beach?

Maybe Workaway is for you. That online service is a database of organizations, families and individuals who need volunteer help in their daily work. Few hours help per day for free accommodation and food. And also for opportunity to learn new languages and skills, meet new friends, explore new culture!

More than 15 types of work (gardening, art projects, babysitting, etc.), about 25000 hosts and 150 countries open a lot of opportunities. Let’s check it by making random search! For example, you want to go with your friend somewhere in South America  and ready to do something connected ONLY with cooking and you necessarily need Internet (there are several filters where you  can choose whatever you prefer). After searching you will find around 500 hosts! Aren’t there enough opportunities for choice?

There are not certain duration of stay: visits can last anywhere from a few days to a few months according to agreement with host. It’s possible to plan your journey in advance or find last minute call.

Looking at travelers’ photos on official site, I just want to go to the room, collect a backpack and hit the road to meet adventures and impressions? But let’s back to reality. It would be good before travelling to look through site properly: there are a lot of stories of workawayers with advices and tips & tricks.

But don’t forget to care about visa and insurance – Workaway is not a travel agency, you need to care about it by yourself.

Of course, it’s paid service. Organization team also want to eat:) But don’t 23 euro (or 30 euro for two people) per year worth it? Especially when you don’t need to pay any extra fee to host.

So what is that for?

– traveling cheaply and stay for free;
– making a difference to the communities you visit;
– putting your existing skills to use;
– trying something new;
– picking up new skills.

For further information and participation visit official site and be a good guest and useful worker!

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