What is hitchhiking

What is hitchhiking

Hello everyone!

From this moment “Urbana Mladez” starts new activity: every two weeks we gonna tell you about different opportunities related to volunteering, work, travelling and education. This is part of Erasmus project “Youth mobility Cro – EU” funded by European union.

And first our theme is … hitchhiking!

What is that exactly!?

This is one of the ways of transportation that is gained by asking people, usually strangers, for a ride in their automobile or other vehicle. A ride is usually free, but not always (depends how much time you have for waiting another car). Good for moving between cities and sightseeing trips.

Main advices:

1) Avoid tight deadlines. It’s easier to stay positive when you have nowhere to be. And for sure you will not miss plane or train in this way.

2) Carry a good map:

  •        Map as a book (not large sheet of paper)
  •        Online apps: MAPS.me, OSMand, 2GIS

3) Take the most used route:

  •        The shortest is not the best in all the cases. If there is no traffic, there are no rides to share. The fastest and easiest routes are usually ones between two major cities, passing a lot of countryside on the way.


Where and how to hitchhike?


– Be in a good, safe spot
– Be in a place where the cars can see you from a distance and stop safely
– Provide some space for the driver to stop, not to create dangerous situations for traffic that follows.



– Make eye contact with drivers
– Remove sunglasses and keep your hat higher on your head
– Smile while you look at the on coming cars

If you cannot see the person in the car,just look at the windshield where a face should be. Focus on each car until it passes


Types of clothes

Try to wear light, even bright and colorful clothes,and have your non-thumbing hand visible since light coloured clothes inspire more trust than darker clothes.


The use of a sign displaying your destination or general direction will increase your odds. Making people laugh with funny signs is a great way to lift your mood, have fun with passing cars and get rides.

When you’re hitchhiking on a road that goes to plenty of destinations, the driver will be more likely to stop if he knows that you’re going the same way he does.

When the traffic is too heavy the driver will be less likely to say “Somebody else is going to stop” if he sees that you want to go exactly his way.

How to lead yourself in the car?

– It’s all a matter of being courteous. Have a few things to talk about in mind before you get in.

– Make sure you know where the driver intends to drop you off; try to choose the best drop-off point yourself.

– Don’t get lost while you’re in a car! Some drivers have a terrible sense of direction and may need your help.

What to bring for the travelling?

No options:

  •        Your brain and resourcefulness
  •        The smile and sense of humor
  •        A little courage to raise your hand and speak with a stranger

Controversial positions:

  •        Clothing (in general it will not scare); but nudity can also attract driversJ
  •        Warm clothes will help not to freeze in the cold weather
  •        Backpack for those who like to carry a lot of stuff
  •        Water, a small (half a liter) supply of water never hurt
  •        Tent or sleeping bag for those who do not like being cold
  •        Maps; maps can be replaced by smile and loquacity

Safe hitchhiking

1) Say no, if you don’t feel safe!

2) If you don’t feel comfortable with someone, just don’t ask him/her, therewill be enough other cars

3) If you want more security, send an SMS ofthe number plate of the car to a friend

4) If you should need to get more radical,a pepper spray may help and improve your self-confidence

How to start hitchhiking?

To start hitchhiking you need to start hitchhiking. Come out to the track and raise the arm!

Still need more info?

  •        A lot of useful and detailed (but not water!) information is possible to find on hitchwiki
  •       Or join hitchhikers club (club for travelers from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro)
  •       Various Facebook groups for finding travel buddies or asking any related advice
  •       Just use Google:)

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