Have you ever thought about volunteering abroad? Give back to the community? Teach at a school? Perhaps help rebuild a town in necessity? Then keep on reading and get a glimpse of what is volunteering abroad. José is a spanish 23 year old Medecin Student in his last year ofRead More →

Stjecanje vještina procjene, prepoznavanja i kreativnih osoba Procijenite svoju kreativnost! Kako doći do inovativnih i kreativnih ideja? Otkrijte svoju kreativnost! Namijenjena je mladima i kreativnima. Radionica će se održati u prostorijama udruge “Tisa”, Ilica 73, 15.12. sa početkom u 09h uz podršku ureda grada Zagreba Sektor za sport i mlade http://www.zagreb.hr/sektor-za-sport-i-mlade-i-kat/1237 KontaktRead More →

If you have ever wondered what is it like to volunteer in a youth hostel , keep on reading for I am sharing my experience. Four years ago, I spent a whole summer working as a volunteer in Tallin (Estonia) at FeelGood Hostel. In exchange for my service, they providedRead More →


Work and Travel USA is a privately run company that is a part of an international cultural exchange program, boasting more than 100,000 students per year. Work and Travel USA is partnered with the United States Department of State’s Summer Work Travel Program, which provides foreign students with an opportunity to live and work in the UnitedRead More →