A Bicycle and the whole World to see

This is the inspirational story of a young man that one day decided to take his bike and don´t look back.

Coming all the way from México, our young man took his bike from Barcelona with a single thought in mind: getting to Moscow to attend the World Cup. Some may say he was not being realistic, that he was aiming to high, that he wouldn´t be able to make it on time… but as they say you should always shoot to the Moon, because even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

His bicycle took him all over the French Blue Coast, and then to the amazing little villages of Italy. He then made his way through Slovenia, enduring the rain, the wind and the all over cold weather of the season. But he never gave up.

Life works out in mysterious ways, and by chance, or by destiny if you may think so, our friend ended up in Zagreb having to find a place to charge his pone (his sourceof maps on the road), and deserving some much needed rest.  In Zagreb is where I had the fortune of meeting him. He delighted me with his stories. He told me about the rush, thrill and the adrenalin of leaving everything behind and go chase your dream; he told me about those times you are lost, and you feel like giving up and  exact moment in which you get on your feet again; he told me about those moments in which you get homesick and cry at any stupid things that may remind you of home; he told me about the joy of hearing someone speaking in your language after months; he told me that all of that is what makes you feel alive.

It came the momento to say our farewells; he was on his way to the World Cup. He would text me afterwards that he made it, he was in Moscow; on the Stadium, watching the match between Germany and México. Care to guess who won that night?

The story here is that he never gave up and he got to cross four things out of his bucket list in a matter of months; having the gutts to start the journey, see Spain, bike around the Mediterranean Sea; go to the World Cup and see México play. He didin´t need much money for it, true that he did save up some cash in order to start the journey, but he is been living on his resources and volunteering in hostels all the way (If you are interested on the matter we have another article on our webpage about this topic).

He is an inspirational person and we could learn so many thing from people like him. I know he has moved me to keep on working towards my goal, and I hope that by Reading this it has reached you too. Will you be the next on to take the bike and go seeking for the adventure?