Erasmus Programme: Just go for it!

Marta wasn´t sure about going on Erasmus. One day she made up her mind and that decision led her to spend a wonderful year in Paris.

 What’s the reason for you to make this decision to go on Erasmus?

Well, when I started college I wasn´t sure I wanted to go on Erasmus, because I was kind of scared. However, when I was starting my second year I gave it a second thought and I signed myself up.

What make you choose Paris?

Out of the destinatitions I could choose was the one that offer more benefits to me. I already knew some french, so it was an unique opportunity to improve my language skills.

 What is your first impression of France and would you go back again?

I had been to France before going on Erasmus, so it was not a total surprise. Nevertheless, I discovered a lot of new places and I met wonderful people. For sure I will come back on day, I was so sad when I had to leave!

When did you first hear about Erasmus Programme?

I don´t really know…I think since I was in High School, you maybe have a cousin that went abroad of a friend of a friend…

What did you think about the amount of grant you received?

I think the grant was fair, but Paris is a very expensive city. I know I was lucky because I could afford it but if you don´t have a stable and nice income maybe it is better to choose other city to go on Erasmus, or maybe you can get a job and save some money.

 What was the most challenging thing during your Erasmus in Paris?

I think, at the beginning, getting used to live in another country with different habits and not being with my family and friends. But that feeling only lasted a month or so!

What is your favourite memory?

When I finished my Erasmus,I stayed in France for the summer and a couple of friends and I rented a car and went on a road trip throught the Blue Coast. Amazing.

What did you think about the people?

Like I said I made very good friends there, that to this day I still miss every day.

 Did you visit any other cities or go on any trips?

Yes, sure. The Blue Coast: Marseille, Nice, Cannes, Niolon…I visited Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Lorient, Toulouse, Lille, Troyes, and many more actually.

 What advice would you give to any future students?

Don´t think it twice, just go for it.


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