Hostel Volunteering

If you have ever wondered what is it like to volunteer in a youth hostel , keep on reading for I am sharing my experience.

Four years ago, I spent a whole summer working as a volunteer in Tallin (Estonia) at FeelGood Hostel. In exchange for my service, they provided me with a room that I had to share with other volunteers, and a meal a day.

As a volunteer, I had to take two shifts a week, mandatory. If I took any other shift, those would be paid, which was awesome because it helped me live properly in Tallin for three months. The shifts were 8 hours each (so if you only take two shifts is working 16 hours per week), and consiste on desk duty, doing the check –ins, check-outs, take calls, give directions…also I had to help clean de hostel and get the dormitories ready for the guest.

No previous experience was required to enter the job, and I learned a lot in three months. The hostel also had a bar in the center of the city and I had the chance to work there as well, and that was a paid job. During those three months, I had the cahnce to meet people from all over the world, not only the other volunteers and coworkers, but also the guests.

During my free days I was able to travel around Europe. I got to visit Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Tartu, Riga and Vilna, but the most important thing is that I loved every single second of it. The situations you live, the anecdotes, the experience you get, the Independence you gain…

So if you have ever been interested in going abroad, but you are not sure that volunteering is for you, or you are not ready to the commitment involved in a social volunteering, I recommend you try volunteering at a hostel first. Besides, you can volunteer where ever you want: Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Oceania…

If you want to fin dan opportunity to volunteer at a hostel, I suggest you check the following websites:

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