Impressions of a Young Traveller II

Sofía is a spanish History of Art student and she is passionate about travelling. She took some tome to answer our questions about travelling as a women and the places she´s seen and would like to visit some day.


  1. What is it that you love the most about travelling?

Get in touch with other cultures, learn from them, open my mind to new experiences, meet different people, and overall soaked myself in the culture of those places I travel and undestand that although we may have different traditions and ways to view the world, we all belong in this world. Also, all the new food I get to try!!


  1. Where have you travelled?

Mostly around Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Rusia; and outside Europe I have been to Australia and Cuba.


  1. Which was your favourite trip?

Australia! I was in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. It was just amazing, the contrast between the desert and then the ocean the fauna, everything was fantastic.


  1. Where would you like to go?

I´d love to go to Japan, it is for sure on my bucket list.


  1. Do you think it´s possible to travel with none/few money?

I do think it´s possible, I am just not sure that kind of travelling is made for everyone or that everyone would enjoy it. In my opinión, you can travel that way and I am sure that it Works, but we have to accept that is kind of travelling isa ll based in improvisation and carry some risks with it. I like to think that travelling this way is like going on a adventure!


  1. What would be your advice to those who want to travel but have no money?

I would say to them: just do it! Nowadays there are so many social media platforms to inform yourself on how to travel for free and you can get in touch with others who have already done it. Using coach-surfing while save you a lot of money and there are a lot of cheap ways to travel to one place to another such as blablacar or some train tickets like Interrail. Of course if you are planing on travelling to a destination that is far away and you need to take the plane, it is not gonna be that cheap getting there. However once you have arrived to your destination you can travel around without having to spend much money.


  1. Have you ever hitchicked?

No, but I´ll try someday.


  1. As a woman, do you think it is possible to hitchhicke in a foreign country?

I think it is possible, but you have to be sure if it is safe to do it in the country you are in and if people are used to do it there. Unfortunately I think there are some places in which women cannot feel safe and confortable hitchhiking just because we are women.


  1. As a woman, would you like to travel alone?

Personally I enjoy more travelling with company, that way we can share our impressions as we travel. I have always travelled this way. However, I have thought about travelling solo before, I think it has to be an interesting experience and it will help me be more independent, claim my own space and get to nknow other cultures and people on an deeper level. Although, of course, ther are some places I wouldn´t travel solo as a woman.


  1. To sum up, Could you tell us your next destination?

I don´t know yet, perhaps Croatia!


Thank you for your time Sofía!


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