Indonesia Adventure

Have you ever wondered about leaving everything behind and just hit the road? Do you dream with tropical beaches? With green humid jungles? With breathtaking mountains? Have you then come back to reality with a snap of the fingers? Probably yes: that snap back to reality is called money. Well I ain´t going to lie to you, you do need some money in order to travel, at least to get things started. However, right now there are many ways in which you can sustein yourself while travelling.

Behold the story of two of my friends; They had just recently graduated from college, and meanwhile they had been working,him as a phone operator for a company and her as a babysitter (as you can see not well paid positions). They managed to save enough money to buy the plane tickets to Indonesia and so their adventure started.

They had planned to visit most of the southeast part of Asia, and so they did. You may want to know how they managed to survive, eat, sleep while travelling; the answer is Workaway. Through that website they managed to contact hosts that allowed them to sleep under a roof in Exchange of some work, the even got some money while working! They worked in hostels, bars, scuba diving small business…you name it! Almost every other job that is out there, and because of that they could spend 6 months travelling.

Although it´s true that you might need some savings before leaving everything behind and go for the adventure of your life, most of the time you just need the willpower to start, the flexibility to deal what whatever may come and the positive vibes to keep you going along your journey. Plan in advance where you want to go, but try and be flexible with the timeline, and above all, explore and search for job opportunities or volunteer positions that will allowe you not only to sleep and eat for free or obtain some money, but it will allowe you to be in contact with locals, to meet other people, to give something back and overall to experience the adventure to the maximun.

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