New life in Denmark – Erasmus Year Abroad

Meet Luis, he is 24 years old and he is studying Biology. One year ago he had the experience of his live; he went on Erasmus in Denmark, and now he is telling us about it.

Why did you choose to go on Erasmus?

I cannot think of a single reason why someone wouldn´t want to go on Erasmus! I t is a great opportunity that I didn´t want to miss.

What make you choose Copenhagen?

Out of the destinations I could choose, Copenhagen resonated with me. I had always wanted to visited the northern european countries.

What did you think about the university? The lessons?

I was at the University of Copenhagen, they were strict but the professors were amazing. I learned a lot that year.

What did you think about the amount of grant you received?

I´m happy with the grant I received. It didn´t allow me t olive like a King, but when you are a student you are use to live a more frugal life in some aspects so it was perfectly fine by me.

How did you find your accommodation?

I was sleeping in the dorms near my uni. They were great and my roomate is now one of my best friends. The only thing I didn´t enjoy was that when people came to visit me, they couldn´t stay with me.

What is your favourite memory?

Definitely visiting the free city of Christiania for the first time!

What did you think about the weather?

COLD. Yes, for a spanish guy Denmark is cold and filled with snow, but in a twisted way I enjoyed it.

What about the people in general?

I met amazing people, everyone was great. I know that I made lifelong friends J

Did you visit any other cities or go on any trips?

Yes. I travelled through Denmark, and I also went to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Finland was incredible.

What advice would you give to any future students?

Go on Erasmus, trust me. And if you can choose Denmark, even better.


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