Volunteering Abroad II

Have you ever thought about volunteering abroad? Give back to the community? Teach at a school? Perhaps help rebuild a town in necessity? Then keep on reading and get a glimpse of what is volunteering abroad.

José is a spanish 23 year old Medecin Student in his last year of college. He´s passionate about helping others and wanted to contribute to society even before having finished his degree. Three years ago he volunteered all summer at a small hospital in Ghana. He agreed to share his experience with us.


  • Why did you decide to volunteer in Ghana?

I knew I wanted to volunteer in Africa, go to where I was most needed and go to a place in which I would be useful. This was not holiday to me, I wanted to work hard and learn as much as I could. And so I did.

  • What was your first thought when you arrived?

The first thing that I thought was, wow this is really different from Spain. But then I got to meet the people in the town, the hospital and I just fell in love with everything.

  • What were your duties at the hospital?

As I was still at my first years in college, I was an auxiliar doctor helping the nurses and the other doctors in whatever they may need. Attending old people, kids, helping during child birth…

  • Did you travel around?

Not really, I got to see Ghana, but I was working most of the time as that was why I was there for.

  • Do you miss being there?

Of course I do!! I made very good friends there, I miss my “other” family, the town and knowing that I´m being useful and that I am making a difference in other people life.

  • Would you volunteer again?

For sure. I am positive. Furthermore,I wish to join  Médecins Sans Frontières International, to keep on helping those in need.

  • How did you find this Volunteer Service?

There is a volunteer programme at my college.

  • Could you share a fun anecdote or memory?

Sure! I don´t now excatly why, but my family and friends there nicknamed me “Sabala” which translates to onion!


Thank you José! We can wait to hear about your next adventures!

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