Going to Music Festivals Abroad

Two years ago, on September 2015 I went with my sister and some friends to Berlin to attend the first edition of Lollapalooza Festival in Europe.

I have always been a fan of Lollapallooza Festival, thought I hadn´t had the chance the attend before because it had always been held at North and South America, and of course I don´t have the money to cross the pond just to go to a music festival. However, when it was announced that Lollapalooza was coming to Europe I didn´t think it twice and bought my tickets.

For me Lollapalooza Festival was a personal Mecca. The Festival  was conceived and created in 1991 by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell as a farewell tour for his band. Since then it has held numerous editions with artists such as Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cypress Hill, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Lush…and many many more. In Berlin, we didn´t have the chance to experiment the grunge vibe in which the festival was born. However, we got to see Muse, Fatboy Slim, Tame Impala, Parov Stelar Band, Dada Life and many other great artists.

We arrived five days prior to the festival in order to visit the city first. I had already been there, but my sister and my friends hadn´t have had the chance to travel there before. Going abroad to a music festival can be quite tricky when it comes to packing for the event and not miss anything at home. For us it was pretty easy because Lollapalooza didn´t provide camping, so we had to stay at a hostel. It is ten times easier to pack for a hostel than for a camping, althought if you are staying at a camping abroad my advice would be the following:

  • Bring a rain coat or poncho (it may sabe your life during a rainy concert).
  • Always bring at leat two hoodies or jumpers in case one gets wet (and socks to expare too).
  • Pack all your bathroom utilities in small containers, or even better, get a soap that can double as shampoo and gel (and if you can wash clothes with it that is just fantastic).
  • If you are getting to the festival by plane check the fares for extra luggage and decide if it is better to bring the tent with you from home or buy one there.
  • Pack some snacks! (Food is pretty expensive at festivals)
  • Bring two towers for the shower and never forget your flip flops!
  • And the most important thing: bring comfortable and wet proof shoes. Don´t bring any fancy shoes as they will probably get ruined.

Back again at my experience at Lollapalooza Berlin, what can I say? It was an absolut blast! Great bands, awesome atmosphere, ecological awareness, art everywhere, nice weather (that makes at leats 40% of the experience) and great people.


Going abroad to music festivals is a great way of travelling for less money. Think aout this, if you already paid the ticket with the camping included in it you won´t have to pay for an hostel, thus, saving money. It brings you the chance to meet people from all around the globe and meanwhile get the chance to aee your favourite bands. It is clearly a win/win situation!



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