London Calling

Verónica is a Spanish  English Literature student.She´s always known is that she wanted to go on Erasmus. And so she did.

Why did you choose to go on Erasmus?

I´ve always wanted to study abroad, to soak in another culture and step out of my comfort zone. I think, nowadays is so important to have international experience and get to know how other people work, think and live.

What make you choose London?

To me London was my bucket list destination. I wouldn´t n know how to explain my love for London and the English culture, I just knew that I wanted to live in London for some time (actually because I had to come back, I wish I still was there). There´s an incredible cultural offer, people playing music all the time anywhere, all the museums, the incredible shops, the food, Portobello Market, Hyde Park. I think the question should why wouldn´t I choose London!

What did you think about the university? The lessons? The timetable?

Great! The timetables were compatible with having some free time to explore the city and get to know the locals and also to have a part time job. The lessons were shorter than in Spain which made everything a less tiring experience, plus the teachers were so supportive!

What did you think about your work? The amount of grant you received?

The grant was enough and I was happy with it, but coming from a spanish household and living in London you kind of need a second income. During my Erasmus year I had to take a part time job as a waitress.

How did you find your accommodation?

I joined a Facebook page for students looking for accommodation in the City. Also I think I checked the listings put up on the University website.

What did you think about the weather?

Well…I was way more rainy tan Spain that is for sure! Good thing that I love the rain. Also a lot of fog, but that makes you really appreciate when you see a ray of Sun.

And what about the food?

Sooo many choices: traditional English food, Thai food, Indian food, Sushi, Chinese food, Mexican food…the list goes on. Going to the East End to the food trucks is the best part of the week-ends.

What about the people in general?

They’re super nice and always prepared to help you, in London I have met people that I know wil be my friends forever. I am so glad I got to spend a year with them.

What advice would you give to any future students?

Make the most of it, don’t get too caught up in it all, and immerse yourself in the culture!