Volunteering at European Music Festival


As summer aproachs, hundreds of music and arts festivals pop up on the cultural scene of Europe. Amazing gatherings in which people and artists from all around the globe share their passion for music, arts, social awareness and media preservation. However, not all of us can afford to go to as many festivals as we would like to. Some festivals in Europe are quite expensive if you are a student or don´t have a stable job, so most of us end up having to choose which ones we can go, or on the worst cases just watching the post-festival videos.

But, what if I told you that there is a way to attend the best european festivals without paying for the ticket? Yes, that is definetely possible, it is called: Volunteering at festivals.

All around Europe there´s plenty of music festivals that need the support of volunteers to make sure everything works out. Usually, volunteers have to work a shift each day, which can be up to 8 hours, and in exchage you get yout free pass!! Some festivals even provide accomodation, as they give you a tent and a spot on their camping. Also, if you go with a friend you can ask to share the shift so you can be together all the time.

A normal shift usually consists on giving the festival wristbands, help the festival goers around the camping and festival areas, help in some workshops…and if you are lucky enough you may end up helping backstage where the artists are!!

To join the volunteers programme you should visit the page of your favourite music festival and check if they accept volunteers. Most of the U.K music festivals, such as Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading, etc,  get their volunteers through Oxfam. In this case, you only have to fill an application a wait for them to call you.

Other festivals select their own volunteers, such as Iboga Summer Festival in Spain. I had the opportunity to attend this festival for free, and it was a great experience. They provided me with the tickests to access the 4 day festival and also the 5 day camping area, plus they gave me a tent (this a great plus if you are travelling to the festival by plane or if you plan to hitchhike to the festival). Once there, my shift consisted of 3-5 hours a day in which I had to hand the festival programme to the festival goers, give promotional straw hats and give festival wristbands. By the end of the festival, the very last day I didn´t even had to work!

Another way to get a free pass at some festivals is to volunteer to organize and teach at some workshops. Some festivals, specially those in the south part of Europe, can´t programme their concerts to star before 21:00 because of the heat. That is why they need to fill their programmes with afternoons activities to keep the festival goers interested and not bored. To teach a workshop on a music festival ,not only is a great way to explore your passions and get a free ticket for that, but also is a great opportunity for your CV because it shows that you have iniciative and that you have worked for a big company.

It was a magical experience that I recommend to anyone that is willing to work a bit in order to get an amazing time with new people, twith heir friends and to enjoy a music festival for free!

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