Today was the first day of the Online Europe project. Some of us arrived early and we used that time to set up the room where presentations are going to take place. When everyone arrived, we went out to a nearby playground. There we played some teambuilding games to get to know each other better. After that we went to our presentation room and there we were informed about our goals for this project. We also presented the promo video from our last project “4 elements for 4 corners of Europe”. In activity ?Hopes, contributions and concerns?  we expressed what we expect from this project. At first, it was hard to remember everyone’s name, but as the time went on we were already starting to develop our international friendship with a goal to create a relaxed, productive and positive project environment. Later on, we were shooting a video where some of the participants expressed their feelings regarding todays activities. After dinner we went out to have some great time.

Blaž Grgic,

Europe Online participant,


Untill next blog…