Second day of the project started with team building activities which made us get to know each other even more. After we have finished we headed to Cultural centar Dubrava, one of our partners. After the tour around the centar, the biggest in Zagreb we started with our workshops and presentations. The first presentation was held by our guests from Sluzewsky house of culture. They talked about positive examples of their organization and history of their projects. One of their members held a workshop about beatboxing in which we all had a lot of fun and shared lots of laughs. Company from Hungary talked about their own organization as well and afterwards dance workshop in Zumba which was very exhausting. Urban Youth as a host presented its organization and plans for developing our projects and workshops. After the presentation we had one last Insanity workshop before heading back to hostel. In the hostel, after dinner we had a Hungarian Intercultural night. Guys from Hungary presented their country, national beverages and rapped and sung us songs from their new album.

Matko Mavracic, a Croatian participant