In the morning everybody went back outside to the playground where we again had some teambuilding activities. We played “Frozen Grandma”, and also “Color Shopping”. Everybody was a bit tired from the party the day before, but we still had fun. After that we went back to the hostel where the presentation was held on ICT technologies. Second workshop was more focused on social networks. Later, we divided into three groups with mixed participants from different countries in each group. During the workshop we were able to bond with each other, share ideas and make some new experience. Part of our assignment was coming up with ideas on technology in 2030. Also, we had some extra fun time coming up with ideas to portray facebook experience as a real life experience. We also had a reflection group where everybody expressed their opinion on the project so far. It seems that everybody was enjoying this project, as no one had any negative feedback about anything. We also shot a “Me & Camera Time” video and another fun inside movie “Salsa Professionale”. It was a lot of fun, we cried with laughter. We closed the day with the dinner and Slovenian intercultural night where Slovenian participants presented their country and shared their traditional food and drinks with us.

Blaž Grgic,

Europe Online participant,

Untill next blog…