With the start of the third day of our project we were ready to continue with our lectures workshops. The first presentation made by Matija member of Urban Youth, was about strategies and organizations about projects. What are the best to apply for a certain case, how to implement ideas to the strategy and how to put it in action. Although this part of our project was a little bit harder than the rest of the other parts we managed to do it right. After that we had projection about strategies for activities. The purpose was how to make and realize strategies for our organization and activates. After the presentation and brainstorming of the best strategies for our organization and activities, we had a workshop of implementing our ideas for our organization and activities. Maybe this was a bit hard work, but we had good fun and learned a lot of new interesting things. In the evening we went for sightseeing of Zagreb. Our guest liked our capital, its long history and beautiful monuments.

Matko Mavracic, a participant of the project