Today we had presentations about facebook ads. We divided in groups and our task was to come up with ideas to create facebook ads. We chose a representative of each group who had the job to present what we have come up with. It was connected to our imaginary NGO’s. There were really some good ideas about promoting on facebook. After lunch we had workshops about new feature of Facebook; FB media and FB business. After it we went for some sightseeing. We spent second part of afternoon introducing foreign guests to Zagreb. In the evening we had a intercultural night where Bulgarian participants introduced us to Bulgarian customs and food. We listened to Bulgarian music and we were also trying to learn how to dance their traditional dance called “horo”. We went to sleep earlier than usually because most of us were exhausted from all the fun we had these days. As the time goes by we get to know each other more and more and we find that we have more and more in common.

Blaž Grgic,

Europe Online participant,

Untill next blog…