I was really looking forward to this day. The results of the yesterday project were about to be shown. First we had a presentation of video studio and video production by our video producers. It was very useful and interesting presentation. He showed us all the tricks and technicalities of video production. The yesterday groups got together to finalize their projects. We were all ready for the filming of video in which we used all the stuff we learned during previous days. The filming was fabulous and everyone had really good fun doing it. Everybody had a part in the video.The video consisted of us rapping, beatboxing, dancing, skating andteaching. You will see it soon on ours web page. Happy for the way we did the video we went on dinner to eat cevapi. Our friends from Hungary and Poland loved it.We rested a little bit and then headed to the Funk club where we presented project and all organizations had performance. You will see this video also soon.

Until tomorrow,  


Matko Mavracic, a Croatian participant