The main focus for the day was on mobile applications. At the first workshop we had to finish gmail tasks but we manage to put in presentation and discussion about Erasmus plus program, youth exchanges and youthpass. In second workshop we listened to presentations about Viber and WhatsApp. The workshops were also very creative. Our task was to walk around the center of Zagreb and make interesting photos which we were supposed to send to workshop leader via Viber or WhatsApp. We also had a competition for the fastest, funniest and coolest picture. The day was a bit windy and cold, but it didn’t stop us from doing the task at hand. Evening time was again interesting as it was dedicated to Croatian intercultural night. We presented our history and our traditional products to participants from Slovenia and Bulgaria. After that, we continued to hang out in the hostel. We were singing, playing guitar and talking with each other until most of us got tired and it was time to go to sleep.

Blaž Grgic,

Europe Online participant,

Untill next blog…