Classes scheduled for Monday went very well. They were about photography, the equipment and the right ways to use it. Costs and the ways how to properly take a picture without doing some common mistakes. Our lecturer showed us examples of good and bad pictures and what are the most important things in photography. After a very easy going lecture we were assigned for a workshop. Divided into pairs, every pair had to make four pictures and later present them. It was a lot of fun for everyone and we managed to express ourselves creatively. Then we had a presentation about music studio. As well with photography we were given knowledge of the equipment, how to use it, and what are the most common mistakes in music studio production. Then we had a workshop in which we had to spend a certain amount of money on the equipment for our music studio. Croatia intercultural night was taking place this night and we tried to teach our guests beauties, history and economics of Croatia. Later we all ate and drank Croatian national food and beverages like olives, pršut, buns, etc.  

Matko Mavracic, a Croatian participant