So this is the last day and the last blog I’m writing. Tired from the party last night, everyone got up and started packing things up. We had one last workshop with MailChimp  where we analyzed our campaigned from previous day. Also a presentation about Twitter even if MailChimp is much more interested. After it we had final evaluation. I was glad to see how well we all connected in the end. These projects are always a very unique experience. We had an interesting game where everyone got a sheet of paper and other participants were supposed to write something that they will remember about the person. There was so much to remember our papers were filled up and in the end it was hard to find a clean space on the paper where you could write something else. We said goodbye and hoped that someday we will meet again. After all, we will all remain friends online, to keep the spirit of Online Europe alive.

Blaž Grgic,

Europe Online participant,

Untill next blog…