If you are in love with animals, this project is for you! 

Group adventure of Paws (GAOP)
Country: Turkey
City: Ordu-Ünye
Age Range: 17-27
Date : from 2018-07-02 till 2018-07-09
Activities: feeding stray animals, understanding the importance of stray animals, visiting shelter
finally, put food and water containers in the city to meet the needs of stray animals
-To prepare the ground for the people who are more conscious about the feeding and housing of stray animals.,
-Raising awareness in the European Union and our region about stray animals,
-To raise awareness about foreign language and to ensure that the importance of foreign language knowledge is understood.,
-To contribute to the individual development of young people through extracurricular activities by taking advantage of the opportunities of widespread education
-To contribute to the formation of a youth profile that expresses itself more in the planned activities, which is included in socialized, socialized and dynamic,
-To contribute to the formation of a youth profile that knows the functioning of the European Union and is aware of its dynamics, fulfilling the requirements of democracy, respecting other citizens,
– To contribute to the formation of a youth profile that is free from prejudices against different cultures, free from racism, open to new cultures and information,
-To contribute to the formation of a youth profile which is aware of the importance of nature, which sees art as a part of its life, and which has attained the highest level of environmental awareness.,
-To encourage participants to think deeply about European issues and to participate in the structuring of Europe,
– Showing Turkish culture and hospitality to foreign youth,
– To prevent social exclusion by challenging disparity, discrimination-creating perspectives
– To contribute to regional development by raising awareness of Local Projects,
-Developing long-term partnerships with the project and carrying out capacity building activities for the Erasmus+ program.