Today we finished Marketing block of activities. In a first workshop participant made marketing plan for one of objectives of their organisation. Some of the participants had experienced with marketing so they helped others and marketing plans looked really good. One guest from Germany who is also staying at Funk lounge and is a CEO of his company was asking us about activities and marketing plans that were on the wall of the workshop room.In second workshop participants made SWOT analysis and budget for their marketing plan. They managed to realize some mistakes and improve their plans through this.


The most fun part was guerrilla marketing workshops where groups really let their imagination wild and come up with some great and funny ideas. You could see how much creativity young people have. We finished the day with sightseeing of Zagreb and participants prepared awesome Bulgarian cultural night. Yesterday we had Polish cultural night which was also awesome so we really have to give all we can with Croatian so we can keep up the good standard.


Project is funded by European Union.


In attachment we are bringing you part of our fun with evaluation video ?Me & Camera time? part. 2. where participants are expressing their impression with one word on English and their mother tongue. Also some photos in the gallery.


Thank you for reading our report and following on project Entrepreneurship is a piece of cake.