To be best at things you do, you have to do what you love. It is a quote we often hear in many situations but lack courage and guidance to do what we do best.

A lot of young people in Europe (especially Poland)are independently engaged with one of the 4 elements of hip-hop (dance, music production and singing, dj-ing, drawing – graffiti). But they lack inspiration and entrepreneurial skills in order to turn “love” into means they can use to earn for a living. This is why we decided to make project “Hip-hop entrepreneurship” under Erasmus plus programme. Together with partners  Dom kultury Služewsky from Poland Croatia, NGO Sleepwalking Society from Bulgaria and Birs OTI HUNGARY,  Urbana mladež made activities connected with entrepreneurship in hip-hop culture.

Our partner organisations are also involved deeply in entrepreneurship and have dance studios (Poland – Hip-hop Aka Demia), music studios (Croatia – PMP Studio), event management company (Hungary – The Company), design brand of clothes (Bulgaria – Flavor House) and can offer participants great examples and support.

Objectives of the project “Hip-hop entrepreneurship” are:

* To change the way participants look at their hobby and start thinking about turning it into a business
* To empower participants with entrepreneurship and initiative competences
* To empower participants with digital competences and ICT tools which can help them with business ventures
* To inspire participants and develop initiative attitude with good practice and peer examples
* To involve participants in project of their interest where they will cooperate with their peers from other countries, improve cultural experience and do artistic activities they love to do

Activity is youth exchange which involves 34 participants and 4 partners from Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Poland. Venue of activity is Warsaw city and dates are 13.08. – 20.08.2016. Project consists of two leading parts; learning and practicing entrepreneurship and organizing artistic hip-hop activities. Tangible results of the project will be;music video spot, song, youth passes and multimedia from the project (photo and video). Intangible results of the project will be participants acquired/improved entrepreneurship and initiative competences and digital competences (knowledge.skills and attitudes) and raised cultural awareness.

Impact of the project is entrepreneurship and ICT competent participants self-confident to make a living out of their hobby and skills. Social inclusion of participants with fewer opportunities in international project and raised awareness of entrepreneurship approach and tools in hip-hop community.

Hip-hop entrepreneurship is Erasmus + KA 1 project funded by European Union.

Another aspect of the project is work on convergence of cultural diversity between Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary. With intercultural nights, presentation of our cultures and traditions and spending time together we are strengthening unique European identity.