The“Music on the Move” youth exchange will be taking place from 22 August until 30 August 2016 in Kamp Kolpa in Vinica; the exchange will include thirty-six young participants from Greece, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, and United Kingdom, who will learn about cultural diversity and form ties through creating music together.

In the course of the projectthe participants will gain understanding of composition, writing lyrics, vocaltechnique, choir singing, harmony, and performance; they will also becomeacquainted with supporting activities of musical performance – organisation,promotion,  direction and technicalsupport. The results of the exchange will be showcased at the concert in Kamp Kolpa in Vinica, on 29 August at 8 pm. Admission will be free of charge and the event will includespecial guests – group 2B fromVinica.

Music is an extremely efficient medium for the surpassing of cultural differences and understanding advantages of a multicultural society. This is why the organisers complemented the music- and performance-related content with content aimed at contributing to a society of tolerance and inclusion and inducing a positive perception of migration and migrants. In the course of the exchange participants will examine issues of migration, necessity of cultural dialogue, they will also examine their own migrant roots and experiences, and study the effect of migration on music as well as the migration of music itself.

Nataša Kotar, the co-founder and director of APIS Institute is the project manager, while Dr Jaka Jarc isthe head of the musical programme. The project is carried out by the Ljubljana-based APIS Institute in cooperation with internationalpartners ADIS (Romania), AIM-Agenzia Intercultura e mobilita (Italy), The Inside Out Programme (United Kingdom), United Societies ofBalkans (Greece) and Urbana mladež (Croatia).

The “Music on the Move”project is an upgraded continuation of the successful Erasmus+ project “Rhythmof Youth”, which took place in the summer of 2015 leaving participants thrilled and winning recognition as an example of good practice by Erasmus+ National Agency MOVIT.

The Project is co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme.

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