Preparations for our project “The Essence of dance” are underway. Young people from Poland, Bulgaria and Croatia are exploring the best ways to prepare and conduct workshops. Preparation and communication with other partner organizations alone has a positive effect on the level of stress and anxiety caused by the current pandemic. Things look nicer and happier when there are more of us.

The local organization Urban Youth (Urbana mladež) has already booked accommodation and is currently preparing the logistics of the project. The youth exchange will take place in Zagreb. Dates are 16.05. – 23.05.2021. Most of the activities will take place outdoors, in Maksimir Park, which is right next to the accommodation where participants will sleep. You can see more about Maksimir Park, photos and experiences on the website

This project is designed by a group of young people who were particularly hit by current coronavirus pandemic when it comes to their emotional health and overall well-being. Through guided process and mentorship for designing this application, young people detected particular issues they want to tackle and proposed solutions which they find as most suitable to respond to their needs. This project was developed with the main aim to alleviate stress of the participants and to increase their ability to cope with stressful situations throughout the dance.

Objectives of the project are:

To express and respond to challenges for emotional health and well-being of the participants which are causes of their stress and anxiety;

To learn to look out for common signs of distress;

To learn successful techniques how to cope with stress and anxiety through dance;

To increase motivation of the participants to engage in physical and social activities that positively influence their bodies and minds;

To increase intercultural awareness of the participants and a sense of common EU identity;

To promote Erasmus+ and opportunities it provides for young people.