Dear young people, we are super excited to bring you results of the project “All you need is dance”

Our participants from Croatia, Turkey, Albania and Latvia made awesome final video of their traditional national dances which were preformed and teached in Buena Vista, social club in Zagreb on 19.10.2018.
Take a look and see happy faces 🙂

All you need is dance – Promo video
*** Be free to share video and spread the happiness and love for dancing 🙂

Also share some love for dancing with us, by checking out our photo album from the project

On 19.10. you could participate in our workshops of traditional Turkish, Albanian and Latvian dances and also breakdance. We made event open for public and participants teached their dances everyone who came. Check out event

About the project
Lately people are less and less moving around because of modern lifestyle that is influenced by products tools that eases the daily work but kills the creativity and movement, and social media which causes people sit on their laptop for hours and avoid real life outside. These reasons cause anti-social youth dependent on their laptops and smart phones, with lack of self-confidence, unhealthy lifestyle, and increased stress. We want to motivate youth to move and exercise for a better alternative option rather than misuse/overuse of internet in their spare times. We want to focus on dancing rather than any other sports because while dancing, individuals stay in their comfort zone and they don’t feel pressure of the exercise.

Here you can find rest of the videos
Albanian traditional dance 1 – All you need is dance
Albanian traditional dance 2 – All you need is dance 
Turkish traditional dance 1 – All you need is dance
Turkish traditional dance 2 – All you need is dance
Latvian traditional dance – All you need is dance

Objectives of the project:
1) To fight Internet and social media addiction among participants and engage them with outdoor activities
2) To make them active and productive in their lives and reduce stress on participants
3) To upskill them a new hobby, dance, that upgrades their cognitive skills
4) To enhance participants’ intercultural awareness and expression through discovery of new cultures, habits and lifestyles