Dear young people, we are super happy to present to you results of the Erasmus plus youth exchange project “Life in a frame”. This project is funded by the European Union. Hosting organization is Tavo Europa from Lithuania while Partners were Urbana mladež from Croatia, WalkTogether from Bulgaria, HEureka Generator from Poland and The Society of Riga partially sighted and Blind “Look at me” from Latvia.

Project was implemented in Trakai region, Vilnius from 10 – 19.11.2018.

Photography had always been a tool to denounce society, to capture the essence of humanity, to show us another side of our world that we were not able to see before. Photography is time condensed in an image; photography is everything that exists in a frame. Numerous Pulitzer photography winners capture the reality of our society with their cameras and move us to be better people. With this project we want to bring attention to migrants issues, minorities and other marginalized groups and present photography as a powerful tool to raise awareness of troubling social issues and needs of European society. One of the noble purpose we can use photography is to help others, especially marginalized groups of society and young people with fewer opportunities.

Through enhancing digital skills, learning about photo journalism and photography participants we  interviewed and made photo stories of marginalized groups in Lithuania. We put our focus on youth facing discrimination because of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and (ex)offenders, (ex)drug or alcohol abusers.

We made a photo exhibition which was held at the end of mobility in Lithuania and online photo exhibition for everyone to see and disseminate. The photo exhibition was made od photo stories and accompanying text about the interviewed youngsters. Tangible results also include youthpasses and photos from the project.

Online photo exhibition with stories you can find here:

Photo gallery of the project you can find here: 

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